'In him we live and move and have our being.' Acts 17.28

The discovery of the effect dance can have on life, allows a person to uncap something that has been blocked. Resulting in an unceasing knowledge, that our God is unchanging, and eagerly desires to uncover and display his uncontrolled love for us.

Working across a variety of different denominations uC Grace seeks to provide an environment where young and old can explore faith through movement and dance. This can be done by using tools such as Bible stories, improvisation, prayer and worship to name just a few. Unravelling topics and themes such as the resurrection, the parable of the Lost Son, fear, depression, beauty, faithfulness and many more.


uC Grace has a passion to enable people in and outside of church to be willing to take a step, and declare what they believe in, and share it with others. It is from this passion that 'Living Colour' came about. Living Colour is essentially the desire to share with others faith through movement and dance, more about Living Colour can be read here, including when our current workshops are running.


Dancing and moving in church is not always about a performance, it's about inviting God into who you are, into your heart. uC Grace has worked with the youngest to oldest members of congregations offering them a chance to be creative and try something different.


Amazing Grace is our foundational course that introduces participants to dance in worship and prayer, through basic exercises and tasks, providing the foundational blocks which can be built upon if participants wish to develop further.


Workshops have been run for children, young people and adults, including training days for children and youth leaders on integrating the creative arts, and Sunday group sessions. Contact us if you'd love us to visit.


Over the past couple of years we have helped develop and grow several different dance groups in churches, see the sub links in Living Colour SEED for more information about this.


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