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Living Colour is a creative dance worship network that seeks to provide an environment where creativity, the Father's Heart, worship, God's word and movement can integrate together. Various stimuli are used to go deeper with God and explore the gifts he has given us. Time is always given for some technical exercises to ensure we have good grounding and sufficient knowledge to dance with God's full glory.


Putting creativity and movement at the heart of faith.


The story...


‘… you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life..’ Phil 2.15-16


As Christians we have the ability to be someone else, someone not of the norm, who has values and beliefs and wants to share them. Living Colour is about being that different person, having colour and standing out in the crowd in the way God wants. Colour can bring life, hope, trust and love. What’s the colour in your life at the moment?


Initially Living Colour sprang out of a need and desire to share and meet with people within Guildford Baptist Church, who wanted to draw closer to God through dance. However, over time, word spread, and contacts were made and built at other churches who wanted to explore bringing in dance into their church or developing what they already had. This was a very blessed time as we helped people begin their journey of movement worship and those groups and people we initially worked with are still a very important part in the Living Colour journey.


In 2013 Living Colour started a new journey to sow more into its growth and direction, in order to continue to support groups and people in the best way. There comes a point when everyone runs dry and needs refreshing, building up and strengthening.


Therefore as more opportunities have grown for Living Colour to connect with different churches and help to direct, inform and share with them on movement and dance in faith, it wanted to recognise the different groups that have come under this banner and continue to provide a network and opportunities for people from different churches to join together and move and dance for God. To allow this to happen, uC Grace introduced for Living Colour a different structure in 2013.


Living Colour SEED

Is a bi-monthly workshop for any anyone. The vision for these workshops is to encourage different SEEDs and Associate SEEDs to host a workshop at some point in the year, with Guildford Baptist Church, hosting at all other points.


SEED Groups

Are dance groups that Living Colour has helped to establish, grow and develop within a specific church in relation to what God may be saying to that church. There is usually an individual who takes overall leadership and uC Grace with Living Colour will seek to mentor, equip and teach the leader and dancers as they are led. Click here to see our current SEED groups.


Associate SEEDs

Are groups already established at a church, and have received mentoring and development from uC Grace under Living Colour or have requested to be recognised as a SEED in Living Colour. Living Colour still has contact and provides help and guidance when needed. Click here to see our current Associate SEEDs.


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