SEED Groups

SEED Groups


Blurred Edges.

Under the umbrella of UC Grace is a Living Colour SEED group, where the logo is a rainbow. Not only are a rainbow’s colours blurred at the edges, they are also a wonder of creation, where the rainbow itself has a definite direction.


In this way we can see that there is no right or wrong way of worshipping our Heavenly Father – whether a dancer or not everyone is able to join together with flags, movement or dance and make something beautiful with the definite direction to worship.


All are welcome to come along to the group, male/female, whatever your age. They meet the first TUESDAY of every month.


Sessions begin at 7.15pm until 8.45pm in the Hall at Guildford Baptist Church, Millmead, Guildford GU2 4BE.


For more information please contact Pam –


MOVE a creative dance worship group ran at St John's Stoke, Guildford. They are are currently not meeting regularly, but their desire is to draw people into the space of the church and explore movement within the parameters and architecture of the church.


There are a few, encouraged by Emma Swinden, that will dance in church when they are asked and the leaders open up the space for them to do so. The desire is that there will be a core group of people that will seek to take this forward, but at the moment they are seeking from God the direction that dance at the church may go.


If you would like more informationa bout Move, please get in touch and we will pass on info when we have it.


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