Dance Collaboration – The Blessing

Who saw the UK Blessing video yesterday? It was great to see the unity in the church.

Myself (UC Grace) and Prinith (Movement in Worship Birmingham Base) have felt led to organise a UK Dance/ Movement blessing. We want people across different dance ministries, and individuals that simply have a passion for demonstrating their faith through movement, to join us in creating this blessing.

Dear Dancer

We’d love to invite you to take part in a UK project to draw Christian dancers together and create a blessing to people across the UK.

The Vision

To dance to the song The Blessing by The UK Blessing (original Kari Jobe) using this version –

Gathering the videos together we will compile it into video for everyone to share across social media and their networks. We want it to be an opportunity to display the vast ability of dancers, their heart to worship Jesus and share their faith through dance and movement. During covid 19 lockdown, dance places, workshops and performances may have been shut down, but a dancing army have continued to move in their homes and outdoor spaces as they feel led. Dance impacts more than we know and this presents a fantastic opportunity for many to gather and move for our God. Would you like to join us?

The details –

  • We plan to air the video on Sunday 17th May.
  • All video submissions need to be received by Sunday 10th May.
  • Videos must be recorded in landscape
  • Please do not wear any branded clothes.
  • Feel free to use banners, flags or other props
  • Please dance to as much of the song as you feel led to.
  • Ensure your ‘background’ is as clear as possible.
  • Send recordings to us via this link and select choose files –
  • Email with your name, location and dance organisation (if applicable).

We hope you can join us.


Anna (UC Grace) and Prinith (Birmingham Movement in Worship Base)

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10 Replies to “Dance Collaboration – The Blessing”

  1. Hat a great idea! I’m really sorry I got this too late to take part and I know some other people who wd have loved to join in.

    Will it be available on you tube or how do we get to see it?

    1. Hi Caroline,
      The plan is that it will be on youtube ad social media ad released to those on mailing lists, we will then encourage everyone to share it. The release date has now been delayed until the 31st May as we iron out everything.
      Anna 🙂

  2. still trying to submit a contribution, but dropbox doesn’t seem to be managing to let me send it through. we left it uploading overnight, was at 15% when we went to bed, but had failed. will try again. when is the deadline exactly? also was recorded in portrait because that made more sense to my son who was filming, but does that make it unusable? would help to have contact to confer with. i’m or 01289 389351

    1. Hi Andy,
      I have tried to email you, but your email keeps bouncing back. Apologies you are having trouble with uploading. Quite a few are and we are not sure why.
      Prinith is handling all the communication and info. So if you’re able to upload or get it into google drive or one drive and then send a sharing link to They will download and access it that way.

    2. Hi there. We’ve missed the deadline but if you still want some more videos, we can send one to you tomorrow.

      Maria Parfitt x

      1. Hi Maria,
        Thank you, but we have had an incredible response with videos. So won’t be receiving any more.

  3. I love this idea and feel so excited about dancing to The Blessing with every other dancer who loves Jesus, what an opportunity! Thank you

  4. Hi there Sarah jordan here. I hope to use a group video, can this be done by you assembling the group videos or do I have to try and record on zoom?

    1. Hi Sarah,
      It is up to you how you want to do it. If you wish to record a group of you on zoom and submit you can. Sometimes the quality on zoom isn’t that great though. Alternatively you can all submit separately but email us to say if you would be liked to edited with someone specific if that makes sense. Email or message me if this doesn’t make sense.
      Anna 🙂

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