Encouraging community. Growing knowledge.

Releasing a better you.

Part of my passion at UC Grace is to encourage everyone on their journey, through conversation with God and living a life that enables them to develop habits that grow them as a person and their relationship to God.

Our Wellness area is about encouraging you to look at yourself as a whole picture by seeking those moments that can grow your health and wellbeing for the better. That you actively look for ways to deepen your experience of what God has created – nature – and how that can benefit you and your family. You can do this by using natural doTERRA Essential Oils.

When sharing at Christian events, we will come at this from a Christian angle, other events we won’t,  developing your wellness, putting you first is fundamental to everybody and should be a priority.

We recognise that we all try to make the right lifestyle choices for us to be ‘well’, but increasingly we are seeing man made stuff drive our consumption and how we live. UC Grace Wellness will help you explore and implement ways to support your body, lifestyle and wellness that will enable you to build a better you.

So how do we do that?

We look at your whole lifestyle to get the picture. We think about what you eat, how you exercise, what toxins you are exposing to your body each day and how you can be informed with your own self-care and subsequently be proactive with your medical care.

What are essential oils?

They volatile aromatic compounds found in small sacks located in seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, stem and barks of trees, as well as rinds of citrus fruits. They are steam distilled or cold pressed, then bottled to retain their quality.

In what ways do they benefit us?

They help support our bodies during exercise, support sleep and self-care routines, help to mange stress and emotions, promote calming environments and build up a support system in your body to help with cellular growth and function.

They are able to do this because they are the plants natural defence system and therefore properties that have been extracted from them include (but not limited to) antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral. By adding these to our own immune system we can support our overall wellness.

The oils aren’t magic pills, they are about promoting a wellness life style that integrates from within your body to how you manage your self-care. They enable you to make informed choices about how to deal with healthcare and provide a natural way to support them that can integrate alongside proactive medical care.

How can I learn more and start using them?

Head along to a class or book in for a one to one where I can take you through everything about the oils step by step.

All classes are FREE and offer a chance for you to become more informed about what essential oils are and how you can integrate them into your daily habits.

There are a variety of different class options including – Wellness workout and Standard classes. As well as hosted class or one-to-one options should not be able to make any of the one's scheduled.

Head here for more information about classes including our current dates.