Prayer Dance Trail 2021

Prayer Dance Trail

Will you step out and try something new?

The impact of consistently praying for a topic is HUGE. Join me as I share a simple way of using prayer dance outside. By using your own prayer dance trail.

What do I mean by a prayer dance trail?

Essentially moving your prayers in an outdoor space! Taking the opportunity to move somewhere you live or nearby to where you live, regularly.

Creating a trail or walk that you complete on a regular basis on the same topic. Your trail (walk) is punctuated with stops where you choose to stop and move out a specific area of prayer.

The biggest part of the prayer trail is doing it consistently and with continued intention to seek a shift in the topic you are praying for.

Are you ready to give it a go?

Don't think you're 'experienced' enough? Prayer movement is what you choose to make it (you can read more about it on the blog here) therefore how you create and how much you create for your trail is down to you. I am here to offer support, encouragement and tell you, you got this!

The key details



22nd Nov

29th Nov

13th Dec

7.45pm | Zoom

What's included?


  • For each online session you will receive a workbook for you to work through.
  • Access to session recordings to watch again.
  • Opportunity to share and create with others.
  • Access to input from me to deepen your movement.

Online sessions will cover:

  • Session 1 –

This first session will be introducing the trail, what it looks like, how you will do it and laying the foundations of creating your own trail. We will begin to unpick how to pick a topic and what you need to think about relating to that topic during the course of the trail.

The trail will be challenging, so we will also talk about some of the challenges and excitement that it can bring.

I will share ways you can start movement and what can inspire you during your journey. Between the 1st and 2nd weeks you will encouraged to start creating some movement yourself as well as firm up the finre details about the trail that you are going to take.

  • Session 2 –

This session gets exciting as we dive deep into what movement on the trail looks like. I will share a topic and how I have developed it – this will be available for everyone to use if they wish.

You will also find out ways that you can document your journey with the trail. Between the 2nd and 3rd session you will be encouraged to actually do the trail, and not just once! Always coming back to how God can impact you through this trail and your prayer dance journey.

  • Session 3 –

The final session will offer a time to draw together how your prayer dance trail went and the impact that it has had on you.

  • All session will also include prayer, worship, scripture focus, discussion, fellowship andprogression through the workbook.

Online only


The boring bit - Ts & Cs

Fees are non-refundable for online courses.

All online meetings will be recorded and uploaded after the session for re-plays or to catch up.

Any extra teaching or videos from the in-person day will also be uploaded into the course for people to access as needed.