10 Days of Prayer 2022

10 Days of Prayer 2022

Entering into God's Heart | Thursday 23rd June - Saturday 2nd July

Since January 2022 I have shared that God has been stirring a change within UC Grace and over the course of the year God has been revealing more about what that looks like. We now feel that it is important to press in and would value others to commit to pray consistently for UC Grace for a 10 day season.

We want to press into the growth of UC Grace and it’s way forward. Lifting up each area to seek God’s will, encouragement and picture for how it fits in with UC Grace’s journey forward.

The invitation is for anyone – dancer, prayer supporter, friend etc. – whatever your connection to UC Grace, to join us during this season of prayer.

There are 3 over arching things to be prayed into during this time –

  • Foundations
  • Financial stability
  • Growth


We would like God to lead how you pray into each of these things. Alongside this we have also given each day a topic to pray into should this be helpful to focus your prayers.

Our biggest request is that you pray as you feel led. Do not be restricted by some of the topics we have shared. They are there to help and guide should you need it.

There are opportunities to gather both in person and on zoom, we do hope you will be able to make some of these. Online gatherings will only be for 30 minutes, which we hope will be a manageable time for you to commit to.

If God speaks to you about UC Grace during this time, please pop it into an email so we can gather up all that is shared. Please send it to us via a normal email.