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All of our regular events take place at Weydon Christian Centre, Upper Way, Farnham, GU9 8RL. However, some events are hosted by other churches around the country. Make sure you make a note of where the event is. If you have an ideal location for an event then please get in touch.

What to bring

Wear clothes for moving in, with different layers. You can get hot very quickly and cool down quick, layers help you to regulate this. A Bible, notepad and pen and a drink are always useful too.

Who will come

The majority of our workshops are open to people of any ability and skill level. There are some age and experience specific workshops but these are made clear in the description.





Living Colour Network Morning

9.30 - 12.30pm @ Weydon Christian Centre. Furter information is available here.

Teaching Children Dance and Movement

We are re-running our popular training for teaching children. It will run after the network morning 1 - 4pm, cost £20. Further information and booking is available here.

Soak Night

These nights offer an opportunity just to come and be, and move as led by God. Bring before him the things that have been a struggle this week. £6 for the session. Booking available here.

7.30 - 9pm @ Weydon Christian Centre.





Moving in Gods Armour - 2020 Big Dance Weekend

Our 2020 dance weekend is now open for bookings. It's a great opportunity to gather with others, dance, have fellowship, fun, deepen your faith, movement vocab and experience different ways of being creative getting closer to God.

Booking and further information is available here.

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