I Speak Jesus

I Speak Jesus

Revealing Joy - Sharing Grace

Watch the video above for details about the Project.

How can you be involved?

Learn the dance

Join us online on Wednesday 11th November, 8pm GMT and learn a set of simple moves for you take away and build upon yourself. More information and to book head here.

Meet in person

If you’re able to travel then there will be an outdoor workshop on Saturday 14th November at 10am, where we dance and move together in an outdoor space to the song. We might move around locations depending on numbers that are interested. So booking is ESSENTIAL. Head here for more information and to book.

Come as you are

Share your response to the song in whatever format that might be. That might be family hugging family (or bubbles), dancing in the darkness with lights, drawing, painting or being creative in your response to it.

Film it – we want to share what you have created and chosen to do as a blessing and an opportunity to bring joy to others.

We will be using this version - https://youtu.be/PiaVb8j_nbw

Key details you need to know

  • The video will be shared on Saturday 19th December – pop the date in your diaries!
  • To allow time for editing, please can all videos be sent in by Monday 30th November.
  • Videos must be recorded in landscape
  • Please do not wear any branded clothes.
  • Feel free to use banners, flags or other props
  • Please dance/ paint/ draw/ move to as much of the song as you feel led to.
  • Ensure your ‘background’ is as clear as possible

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