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Living Colour Workshop booking

Join us for our dance worship mornings where we put creativity and faith at the heart of movement. No prior experience necessary. You can read more specifics about our Living Colour Mornings here.

Saturday 14th November

IMPORTANT - this workshop can not go ahead in the traditional way due to the latest government lockdown. Instead, I am offering the chance for you to meet with me 1-2-1. To go through movement and explore the song. Please see below for times available.

Novembers workshop is part of the I Speak Jesus project for Christmas. It's important that you read all the information relating to this on the project page here. This workshop will be OUTSIDE and we will be working through the song 'I Speak Jesus' and creating responses which will be filmed. Full information about the location will be given upon booking.

Timings and location

45 minute slots are available for people to book into, to work with Anna 1-2-1 doing movement. You will be expected to be at the meeting spot at the alloted time. If you are able to attend the online workshop prior to Saturday that would be advisable.

Location 1 - Waverley Abbey ruins

10 -10.45am - Booked

11 - 11.45am - Booked

12 - 12.45pm - AVAILABLE

Location 1 - Frensham Little Pond

1.15 - 2pm - Booked

2.15 - 3pm - Booked

3.15 - 4pm - AVAILABLE

If I have more interest than slots I will work with local people to find a mutually agreeable time to meet at another point.

To Book

Please contact Anna by phone or email specifying the times you would prefer, Anna will then confirm your booking and you will need to fill in the form below.


If you feel able to make a £10 for your session that would be appreciated. 


Location 1 - Waveryle Abbey Ruins

Location 2 - Frensham Little Pond

To Book

Please fill in the google for below AND then click on the payment link.!/products/liveworkshopevent

If you have any problems with the form please contact us. The form contains personal details which will be recorded, processed and kept secure in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Information will not be passed/ sent out to a third party.

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