Online Events

Online Events

Online Events

During this changing season we all have to adapt don't we! I am making every effort to move as much of my material online as I can. This includes developing new ways that we can interact and still keep growing our movement and dance, connecting with each other and encouraging each other during this time.

All events will run online via a Zoom Room - easily accessible for all.

Prayer Dance Bites

These are opportunities to move consistently and gather with others declaring God's glory, peace and protection. More information available here.

Living Colour Online - 6th February

This will be similar to our in person Living Colour and will include a series of dance technique exercises to take part in, looking at a passage of scripture or theme, building movements together and/ or creating a dance. Specific about each session will be released as needed. More information available here.

Soak Morning - 7th April 2021

We will replicate as much as possible what our soak morning is like when we meet in person. With opportunities to use prayer through movement. Move in response to music and scripture and share with others. More information and booking available here.

Build a Dance - 10th March 2021

This is your opportunity for two things, learn a worship dance together with others and practise your teaching and leading skills. More information available here.

Some things to note with Zoom calls - 

  • You may need to download the app on your phone or tablet, on the computer you should be able to join from your browser.
  • I suggest you trial the zoom link before the session as all session will start on time.
  • Make sure that your microphone is muted. This ensures that when I am speaking there is no other interferance.
  • If it is a reoccurring event then the Meeting ID will stay the same, if they are something different the Meeting ID will change.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.