Prayer Dance Bites

Online Events

These are opportunities to move consistently and gather with others declaring God's glory, peace and protection. You can read more about why I am doing this in a blog post here.

Most sessions will be 20 minutes. But occassionally there maybe longer ones where we will learn and explore an extended theme together. They are open to all ages and abilities and I would really encourage children and families to join in too.

All sessions will be available to access whether or not you are able to make them 'LIVE', as they will be recorded and I will share them out afterwards. 

October 2020 update - 

There are NO prayer dance bites running 6th October - 22nd October INCLUSIVE. Sessions will restart on Tuesday 27th October at 8pm.

Please note the change of time on Tuesday evenings - 

  • Tuesdays 8pm
  • Thursdays 9.30am

If I'm not able to run a zoom call, I will share a video with something for you do. The sessions will continue to explore praying to scripture, songs and other themes. It's become clear that an original aim to get everyone moving and dancing their prayers, has grown into a need for others to join in fellowship, catch up and just move together.

How can I take part?

  • Zoom - All sessions can be accessed via zoom video call. Sunday sessions will be a longer (max 30 minutes) and won't stream onto facebook.
  • If you want the meeting IDs, save these numbers. Please register to get the  passcodes.
    Tuesdays - 669 734 855
    Thursdays - 998 819 410

  • Email - all sessions will be recorded and emailed out afterwards. If you already on my mailing list please email here to say you'd like to receive Prayer Dance Bite emails. this. If you are not you can sign up for Prayer Dance Bites here.

Some things to note with Zoom calls - 

  • You may need to download the app on your phone or tablet, on the computer you should be able to join from your browser.
  • I suggest you trial the zoom link before the session as all session will start on time.
  • Make sure that your microphone is muted. This ensures that when I am speaking there is no other interferance.

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