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The Founder

...we can be a passionate,

creative, praying generation...

Anna grew up in Guildford where she was in an environment where she was able to explore using dance as a passion both in dance for God but also sharing with others. From a very early age Anna just wanted to encourage people to give dance a try.


During her later years at secondary school and at sixth form college Anna ran various dance clubs for the younger years and helped choreograph for the annual Performing Arts show. Alongside this in the holidays, Anna volunteered with Powerpack Ministries who ran children's work at various summer festivals, where she was in charge of running a Dance Academy.


In 2006, Anna spent 6 months in South Africa, undertaking youth and children's work in a variety of settings, alongside this she also had the privilege to teach dance in some of the richest and poorest parts of South Africa, in both cases realising the impact that dance can have upon every person, from the youngest generation through to the oldest.


Upon returning to England, Anna went on to complete a youth work degree in Chichester, where she was not only a youth worker for Revelation Church, but also worked for Chichester Festival Theatre, Havant Borough Council and The Spring, Havant as a dance practitioner.


When Anna completed her degree in May 2009, she returned to Guildford in order to undertake an apprencticeship with Springs Dance Company. This was an intensive course that developed her dance technique, but also explored dance in worship, the theology behind dance and dance science. Anna found it great to be in an environment, where everyone had the same passion and desire... dancing for God and serving him in the way he wants.


January 2010 brought a new season, a season to develop uC Grace, to share with others the things Anna had learnt and to pass on to others the skills and confidences they may want, in order to go out and do it themselves.


Anna's prayer is that people are impacted, educated, and aware of the love God has for them, and that we can be a passionate, creative, praying generation that seeks to serve God and eagerly step out to do new things. For just, by one stepping out, it can create a chain reaction for others to follow.