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uC Grace works with youth groups, dance groups based in theatres, and community centres as well as many other settings.


Working in the community is about providing dance for those in the local area, working in partnership with the local organisations, to deliver the best possible service to those who need it. Making it as accessible and affordable as possible.


uC Grace can come along to your organisation, youth group, dance group, or community event, as a one off or regularly. We are always looking for new places to run workshops or classes, so if you think you have a suitable venue and know people who would like something then please get in touch.


We aim to create an environment where young and old alike can come and take part in classes and workshops that:

  • Are fun, energetic and creative
  • Explore both choreographic and performance skills
  • Leave a legacy of the importance of participating in some form of physical activity
  • Allow each person to be themselves regardless of ability, race, gender or belief
  • Believe each person is unique and special


Unders 5s

Unders 5s benefit from dance as it offers a chance for the child to learn through experience, enhancing their creative and physical development, in an environment where the child can learn alongside others. Not only does it build fine motor skills, but it also encourages the interaction and social development between young children.


Children, Young People and Adults

uC Grace works with a variety of age ranges and abilities, including adults to introduce, develop and nurture a knowledge of dance. Creative classes allow an outlet for personal exploration of movements in a guided and improvised structure, providing the participants with the necessary skills for them to choreograph their own dances. Sessions also allow emotional, physical and social well being to be improved.