Beginning  a Journey.

Building a Foundation.

Sharing your Heart.

Welcome to the UC Grace membership page. Here you will find all you need to know about our membership, what’s included and how you can join.

It’s so exciting that we are now at this stage. God has been so good with the journey of the dance ministry that has grown from UC Grace. As we enter another season we are expectant that God will keep moving, restoring and drawing people into the awesome people he has created them to be. Using UC Grace as the vessel to do this.

The Vision

To create a community that empowers individuals and churches to expand their dance ministry, connecting via online learning, training, resources and mentoring.


To deliver an online space for individuals and groups to grow in their conversations with God, exploring how grace can seep into their day to day life through Gods word and movement.


My prayer for this membership is that it will offer value, encouragement, and growth for you. Either as an individual, or group. The main purpose UC Grace lives and breathes for is to share the skills, passion and learnings it has with others. It passionately believes that God has gifted UC Grace with an openness to draw others deeper into God’s word and the heart behind this membership is to offer a platform for that to happen at an individual’s pace. Whilst equipping them with various skills that will help them on that journey.

The following things are core elements included when joining the community.

Prayer Dance Bites

Prayer dance bites has been running online since March 2020. It started just before the Covid-19 lockdown and has continued since. They are short 20 minutes sessions that look at specific scripture and how we can respond with movement and prayer. You can join the sessions live for free, but as a member they are now available in an online library for you to access at your own pace, in one place!

Early access

UC Grace runs regular weekends away, as a member you would gain early access to booking and the chance for a discount if you book by a certain date.

Online Content and other resources

First access to any written or online resources that are published. This would include dance choreography, lesson plans, teacher training, working with churches and much more.

Mentorship (available from January 2021)

Opportunity for one to one call with Anna where you can receive guidance, support, tips and equipping to develop your dance ministry.

Each member would also receive a welcome pack.

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