Membership Overview


Supporting you to begin a journey, build a foundation and share your heart.

Are you ready? Jesus loves your heart and passion. Give Jesus the space to draw you deeper into his plan being in fellowship with others.


The Community membership is a place to grow in confidence connecting your dance, movement and faith. It’s a supportive place that offers you the opportunity to share with others what your struggles are and be supported to get through them.


The Deeper Dance membership is the place to deepen your dance expertise as a dance leader. Investing in growing your teaching practice and your ability to deliver high quality leadership from a place of confidence and acceptance about the skills that you have.

What can our memberships offer you?


Knowing you are not alone on the journey you are on encourages each of us to keep growing. In the membership you can find people passionate about the same things keen to encourage you and help you grow where-ever you are at on your journey.


Exploring news things, celebrating with others and growing the depth and breadth of our life experiences. Be inspired about how to ‘do’ your journey with God, recognise your own journey is individual, but choose to have conversations with others to help and encourage them.


Jesus is the reason! Faith is the most integral part of our daily life. Giving space to deepen our conversation with God is important. Enjoy learning more about his word, how the Holy Spirit can lead and guide us. The impact of scripture on our day-to-day life, plus the importance of standing on God’s truth.


Expanding your movement alongside your faith gives you freedom to strengthen your relationship with Jesus in a different way. Watch, receive and learn from those around you and if you choose to step out and try it yourself. Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time, there is a safe space for it to grow.

Unsure which membership may suit you the best?