Mentoring Overview


Supporting you to begin a journey, build a foundation and share your heart.

Investing in who we are and how God made us, gives space for us to deepen our conversations with God and grow stronger in our faith and purpose that God has given us. The UC Grace mentoring programmes allow each person to grow and develop as God intended in safe, supportive, and nurturing environment.



This is the opportunity to be intentional with the focus of your current journey and choose to put God into the middle of it. Work with Anna to develop an understanding of what you are struggling with – dance, life, faith, scripture and create a clear action that you can move forward with.


This is the opportunity to choose to seek support and accountability on your dance and movement journey. Recognise the joy that God has waiting for you when you realise the potential you have. Work with Anna and dedicate time to realign yourself with God’s purpose and all he has for you.


This is the opportunity to develop alongside others, choosing to dedicate time to helping your dance teaching practice to grow by recognising that it is the sum of all of you. Work with Anna and appreciate it as essential to give your whole self to deepening, strengthening, and establishing your teaching practice. 


Our mentoring programmes are based on our Frame principle. This is 4 key things that help influence and grow who we are as a dancer, leader, explorer and Christian. They act as a frame to support you as you move forward and grow as an individual.

Mentoring sessions will focus on key elements of the Frame in order to help you stand firm in your faith, mindset, skills, and abilities. These are the key elements of each frame.


This area focuses on your mindset and the core of your heart. We look at how you can have the right mindset and focus on the good things to move you forward. Ensuring that God is central to leading and guiding you through the season you are in. We consider what your heart is leaning on and why. Encouragement is a key part of the ‘Your Heart’ frame.


This area focuses on accountability and the habits and processes you can put in place to help you stay true to your path. We explore effective ways for you to integrate your learning and any teaching skills into your journey and day-to-day life. Sharing with others your faith and expressing the changes you are making in your pathway is a key part of the ‘Your Process’ frame.


This area focuses on the purpose that God displays for your life, helping you to identify the desires of your heart whilst responding to scripture. We look at the scriptures that impact you the most and why. Resulting in identifying key ones that can help you on your journey moving forward. Understanding your purpose and desire is a key part of the ‘Your Foundation’ frame.


This area focuses on underpinning your faith routine and acknowledging the impact that it can have on your life and others. It seeks to encourage you in your experience of the Holy Spirit. Communicating God’s word through speech and movement and demonstrating to others how God has made you, through the actions that you take. This final frame strives to release God’s potential inside you in the best possible way.


Got a question and not sure which programme suits you?