Growing your movement and faith to deepen your conversations with God.

How often do we set aside a solid chunk of time to soak in Gods presence? To allow a conversation that is two way, pausing for a response. There is a soaking element in all of our workshops, but we believe that it is important to set aside specific time to welcome in the Holy Spirit, let it work, and HEAR Gods conversation.

We should all be seeking to go deeper on our journey with God, dealing with issues, working with scripture and allowing God to lead where we need to go. But the necessity for this is often over looked.

Two of our events focus specifically on the going deeper with God through soaking with the Holy Spirit and scripture. They both provide an opportunity for you to use the level of dance and movement skills you have in a way that suits you.

We have also launched some Scripture based activities to help you develop that depth in accessing Gods word.

Soak | Growing in God

Our soak events usually run on a Saturday morning, you can check out the current dates on our events page. They offer a chance to step out of the rat run of your week, and pause, letting God enter into our hearts and be saturated in him.

These sessions are guided by some scripture, but really offer the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move and lead the direction. Throughout the session there will be chance for individual reflection or with someone else We will also dedicate specific time to praying using dance and movement.

No prior experience is necessary, but a willingness to get stuck in. These events don't tend to teach dance skills or knowledge. They pave a way for you to grow in God through what ever way you choose to encounter him through the morning.

Bookings for the mornings are available here.

Scripture Prompt

Who doesn't love God's word and the opportunity to go deeper with it? Do you struggle to find ways to do that? Get stuck to find enthusiasm to read more?

Scripture Prompt is the chance to receive some scripture into your inbox each week with 3 suggestions of how you can connect with it. The suggestions will offer different ways to deepen your understanding of the scripture but also develop your own unique way of applying God's word to your daily life.

If you wish to receive Scripture Prompts and you are not already part of my list then head to here give me your details. If you know you're already on my list, drop me an email and I'll update your details.

Going Deeper Dance Weekend

Going Deeper, is our intensive dance worship weekends, that aim to take you further with your faith and movement. They are designed for those that have been moving and dancing before, and have knowledge of how that can be integrated into their faith.

This weekend will run on the alternate year of our Dancing Free Weekend. The next Going Deeper weekend will be 2021, bookings are now open. Head here for more info.

Unlike Dancing Free, Going Deeper is for a much smaller group of participants. Therefore there are limited spaces available for the weekend. Make sure you book early so you're not disppointed.