The Process

The Process

Resting in the Father's embrace builds confidence, faith and assurance of his Love.


To create a network of people across the country, connected by workshops, events and training, by empowering individuals and churches.


To generate deeper conversations with God, seeking to find grace in the everyday.

Our core values:

Christian Faith





These values encase what we do and why we do it. Each value helps us walk with you, your faith and your dance, on your journey.

The Christian Faith –

Underpins all that we do, putting Jesus front and centre. Sharing inspiring Bible verses, passages and blog posts which generate conversations.

Encouragement –

Taking the time to encourage each person in who they are, providing training and advice, a listening ear and empathy.

Creativity –

A passion to pass on our knowledge, skills and mindset, by going outside the box, through various events and training, and challenging the use of resources across the arts.

Development –

Providing opportunities to develop dance technique, interaction of movement, faith foundation and skills, by supporting, praying, and growing people.

Sharing –

Dance, faith, prayer and movement is fun! We LOVE sharing, creating memories, through teaching, videos, blog posts and more. Allowing movement to bless others, and be blessed through movement ourselves.