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Class info and current dates

In, all our classes there are limited spaces, so it is essential to book. We want to ensure that we can serve you in the best possible way. Classes are FREE, but do have limited spaces, so it is essential to book. Classes run in Odiham, Hampshire.

We are currently setting out 2020 dates. Come back soon so find out more info. Alternatively. please drop us an email here.

Wellness workout

There will be a 45 minute workout where you can experience the oils before, during and after exercise. Followed by a class that will talk in more detail about what the oils are and how to use them.

The exercise class with be a dance, tone and circuit based one, suitable for all abilities. Pre-natal and postnatal ladies welcome provided you have been cleared by the mid-wife/ GP. All participants will need to fill in health questionnaire prior to taking part in this class.

Green Cleaning Workshop

Come along to a fun evening where you can find out a bit more about Green Cleaning and have the chance to make 3 green cleaning items. Bring a friend! There is a charge of £20 to cover resources.

General/ Topic specific class

This class will provide a general introduction to essential oils (related to a specific topic sometimes) we’ll look at how you can use them for yourself and in your home. There will be an overview of what essential oils are, why doTERRA, how you can use them to help with your health and wellness concerns. There will also be homemade nibbles and drinks.

Hosted class

This is the opportunity for you to gather a group of your friends together and me come into you home and talk about essential oils. Share your love of oils with others!


These are a great opportunity to meet with me one to one and chat about your health and wellness, and take the chance to go deeper with how the use of essential oils could impact your life and the steps needed to make a change.

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