Encouraging creativity and movement in your conversations with God.

Our Christian dance workshops are one of our longest standing activities and way of connecting with people of all ages. They offer opportunities to explore worship dance and worship movement in a safe space with others. There are no judgements, the sessions provide a chance to try as much or as little as you want.

Below are details of our regular worship dance workshops that we run directly. There is the facility to deliver into your church, community or educational setting, please get in touch if you are interested in this.

Living Colour Dance Mornings

In 2010 these began in the form of Living Colour events. The chance to gather and put creativity and movement at the heart of your faith. As time has gone on the essence and layout of Living Colour has evolved and grown. It now covers a Saturday morning 3 or 4 times a year and includes a dance technique class, a networking/ catch up time with refreshments, before leading into an extended time of exploration with a workshop.

Living Colour are our creative dance worship network mornings that explore creativity, the Father's Heart, worship, God's word and movement, and how they can integrate together.

Various stimuli are used to go deeper with God and explore the gifts he has given us. Time is always given for some technical exercises to ensure we have good grounding and sufficient knowledge to dance with God's full glory.

Plus don't forget there is time for cake and chat!

You can read more about the passion behind Living Colour and what’s involved at workshops here.

Check our events page for this years dates.


Children are one of our core passions, they are after all the next generation to share the word of God. We want to be able to offer an environment where they can recognise how fun and exciting the word of God is, how they can pray, how they can use their bodies to demonstrate what God is saying. But most of all we want their hearts on fire for Jesus, their inquisitive nature encouraged and their conversation and walk with God deepened.

Our children's work encompasses two groups called Moving Rainbows, and Little Rainbows. You can read more here.

We don't currently have any children's workshops running, but watch this space!