"Everyday people are the movers and shakers. They are the ones who bare testimony to the great events."



I’m Anna and I set up UC Grace in January 2010 to share my passion of dance and movement. I wanted to teach the foundation blocks to approach life, by putting one’s faith into action through scripture using dance and movement. God has astounded me at every stage of this ministry. Always revealing more of his goodness, love and mercy as I endeavour to be a channel to help people deepen their conversations with God.

Join me as I share some of that journey.

I first began teaching in 2000, simple dance workshops that put movement to worship songs. This started a journey of recognising the relationship between my faith and dance and movement. In the early days I volunteered with charities and taught at Christian camps. Then in 2009 I took time out to take part in Elevate Foundation apprenticeship with Springs Dance Company. This was a pivotal point that encouraged me to step out and set up UC Grace.

As UC Grace began, I worked a lot with schools and communities centres, developing groups, and giving access to dance to those that didn’t normally get it. It became clear, as UC Grace developed that God was nudging it down a specific route. The route to encourage, grow and release people to combine faith, with movement and dance.

Our hearts follow Jesus.

Jesus fills our hearts.

Our hearts initiate our movements.

Dance to me is an embodiment of your soul, your heart, your very essence. As you move and dance, more of who you are gets revealed. Often, people know that there is something greater inside them, but to tap into it, to release it… is scary, and not a journey people want to go on, on their own.

Our faith helps us display who God has made us to be, the qualities and purpose he’s written on our hearts. The recognition of how things that should be celebrated, encouraged, grown and then released.

My passion… is to help those qualities and the purpose God has given each one of us develop.

Providing a safe space for people to dig deep into who they are, to fall in love with how they are a Child of God. Choosing to come before the cross and lay down those things they are struggling with. 

Music and Lyrics by Chrissy Smith-Rogers. This dance was created as part of Flourish, Jubilee Church Farnhams women's ministry. As an encouragement for all women that God is with us through whatever we feel we are going through.

With a whole focus on how this can be done using dance and movement. Helping people to display a physical reaction to their internal conversations with God. God can use each one of us in more ways than we know. I love declaring God's word through movement and inviting others to share in that. Whether a dancer or observer, God's love will infiltrate your heart.