Jesus for Kids

"As you grow in dance, you grow in God. As you grow in God you expand your dance."

An essential manual to ignite your dance teaching journey, full of practical ways to teach, deliver and shape workshops alongside your Christian faith.

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"An encouragement to keep things simple for children and teaching at their level. Exploring different approaches to teaching, keeping it fun."

Dance Leader Trainee

"It gives ideas how to translate teaching to make it appropriate for children and toddlers. There are also some great warm up ideas."

Dance Leader Trainee

"Learning about how to structure the time with children and being  inspired, learning from someone who is very experienced."

Dance Leader Trainee




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"Jesus for kids takes the reader on a personal journey to teach dance in worship with children.  Anna shares her passion and gives spiritual and practical inspiration.

Most importantly were the spiritual foundation and then very practical ways to get started. Jesus for Kids makes it feel more doable to give it a try and helps the reader understand the spiritual possibilities as well as movement and other benefits through giving it a go. Anna's passion comes through which makes the book compelling. It would suit someone who already has some idea of how to work with children who wants to get more creative in their approach."



Deepen and strengthen your knowledge of Christian Dance with children.

Jesus for Kids is jam-packed with tools and resources to ignite you on your Christian Dance teaching journey. Anna shares how her passion for teaching children in dance ministry shaped her perspective connecting faith, dance and movement together as one.


Anna’s biggest desire is to equip you, with all you need to help shape your own teaching practice. Jesus for Kids provides you with ready-to-go workshops as one of the many ways to help kick-start your journey. Why not dive in and see where your journey can go?


Anna Gilderson has been teaching for over 15 years. In 2010 she launched UC Grace, her dance company, which helps equip children and adults to experience their faith through dance and movement. Her passion is to share what she knows with others, building their confidence to stand strong and step out in God’s word – to walk with confidence, not only in their faith but in their lives, dance movements and prayer.

Anna is also author to the book Movement, Prayer & Scripture.

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