Movement, Prayer & Scripture

"For the experienced mover and the

40 devotionals to begin a journey, build a foundation and share your heart through dance and movement.

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I am still finding it all very inspiring, and it is enabling me to go deeper into HIS WORD. Still needing to explore much more with moving!


Mover and Dancer

I’m still responding to the verses almost daily and finding the outcome strengthening and illuminating.


Mover and Dancer

UC Grace provides with inspiration, encouragement and validation that to dance and move in prayer is an essential aspect in my spiritual life.


Mover and Dancer




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"Movement, Prayer & Scripture provides an exciting opportunity for you to use movement to express feelings/ emotions.

It encouraged me to dance through life situations reflecting on times of joy, needing times of rest, and recognising areas in my life that are more challenging. As I worked through Movement, Prayer & Scripture, I realised that movement can be more expressive than articulating words to express thoughts and feelings. This book provides a fantastic opportunity to deepen your conversations with God."


Discover a unique way to connect with Scripture, pray, and initiate movement.

Many of us strive to implement movement into our daily lives, but the reality of doing that can be all consuming. In Movement, Prayer & Scripture Anna has designed 40 devotionals based on a repeating framework which enables you to not only integrate movement daily, but God’s word too, giving you purpose, clarity and focus in your day.

 It will help you grow a love of reading God’s word and applying it, using the addition of dance and movement to help you embed, remember and enact God’s word daily.


    Anna Gilderson has been teaching for over 15 years. In 2010 she launched UC Grace, her dance company, which helps equip children and adults to experience their faith through dance and movement. Her passion is to share what she knows with others, building their confidence to stand strong and step out in God’s word – to walk with confidence, not only in their faith but in their lives, dance movements and prayer.

    Anna is also author to the book Jesus for Kids: Teaching Dance and Sharing Faith.

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