Living Colour


Putting creativity and movement at the heart of faith.

‘… you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life..’ Phil 2.15-16


Saturday 21st May | 10am

Weydon Christian Centre, Farnham

Saturday 3rd December | 10am

Weydon Christian Centre, Farnham

Both sessions offer the chance to stay for lunch together afterwards.



We all want to move and give God our best. Sometimes in order to do that we need to take time to understand, and train our bodies to connect with dance and movement. The correct posture, balance, and specific dance moves can be honed and refined during these classes. See it as a time to focus in and prepare our body for movement with God. All abilities are welcome.

This is where we delve into the nitty gritty of our walk with God, what the Bible says, exploring themes and stories. This is done through group work and individual work. But a big part of the sessions is about letting God lead and guide us with where the session goes. We encourage a free time of worship at the end, with flags and ribbons available if people wish to use them.

Fellowship is a key part of the Christian walk and whilst we might love to move and dance together. There is so much value in pausing and building our relationships. Where possible, there will be the opportunity to do this at all our sessions. If possible we want to encourarge people to bring lunch with them and stay after the workshop to spend time together.


As Christians we have the ability to be someone else, someone not of the norm, who has values and beliefs and which we want to share with others. Living Colour is about being that different person, having colour and standing out in the crowd in the way God wants. Colour can bring life, hope, trust and love. What’s the colour in your life at the moment?

Initially Living Colour sprang out of a need and desire to share and meet with people within Guildford Baptist Church. People who wanted to draw closer to God through dance. However, over time, word spread, and contacts were made and built at other churches who wanted to explore bringing dance into their church or developing what they already had. This was a very blessed time as we began to help people begin their journey of movement worship. Those groups and people we initially worked with are still a very important part in the Living Colour journey.

As more opportunities have grown for Living Colour to connect with different churches and help to direct, inform and share with them on movement and dance in faith. It wanted to provide a network and opportunities for people from different churches to join together and move and dance for God. There comes a point when everyone runs dry and needs refreshing, building up and strengthening.

That's what Living Colour allows, a chance to put movement and creativity at the heart of faith, spreading God's colour.

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Join us for our dance worship sessions where we put creativity and faith at the heart of movement. No prior experience necessary.

Bookings are now open for the following workshops

Christian Dance Workshops

Saturday 21st May

Saturday 3rd December

Weydon Christian Centre, Upper Way, Farnham, GU9 8RL

10am - 12pm | £15

Followed by a BYO lunch for some fellowship time afterwards.