‘For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.’

Romans 15:4

We Lift up Jesus – A Christian dancers prayer

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God calls each of us to action in different ways. As movers and Christian dancers, we use the shapes and flow of our body to communicate how amazing our God is.

In Matthew 18:20 it says, ‘When two or three gather in my name, there am I with them’.

The Scripture leads and guides us on one key purpose, to gather with others knowing that God is with us. As Christian dancers and movers we all come from different background, with different knowledge, skills and experiences. When we make the decision to come together. Something happens.

An Outward display

The internal dialogue that happens between us and God tells a story, a story of our journey and relationship with God, we choose as Christian dancers to display this internal dialogue outside sometimes.

This outward display of an inward journey draws people into a deeper understanding of who God is and how he walks with us. The amazing thing about this is the movement style that each person creates is unique to them.

You won’t move how your friend move and they won’t move how you do. One Christian organisation won’t communicate, move and work the same way as another organisation or company. The same applies to Christian dancers. Some do it one way, whilst another one does it differently. The precious thing about this, is the uniqueness it brings to the Kingdom of God.

An invitation?

God calls us to walk beside others, to share him with others through offering invitations. Whether as a Christian dancer alone or in a company or organisation. Our role is to carry that invitation in our movement, working alongside and with each other in our efforts to change the atmosphere through movement and dance.

Just like we wouldn’t turn up at a party unannounced often when people see Christian dancers and movers they don’t know join in. They watch from the sidelines recognising that something special is happening in their midst but not sure how to be a part of it. So, whilst we outwardly display our internal dialogue with God, we also need an outward display to show how others can join and be part of that outward display. A simply hand offering, a copy and response or a welcome smile. Whatever it is, they can receive the invitation and join in too.

A prayer for Christian dancers

On each mover and dancer God has placed a whirlwind, a tornado. A symbol that as they move something is stirred. Invisible to our eye, but magnificent in God’s. The atmosphere is changed, and a tangible sense of God’s presence falls around. The trails and shapes we dancers and movers make are woven into God’s overwhelming presence surrounding us. You become one.

We lift up Jesus. As Christian dancers and movers we lift him up as one. A dancing army that moves with one goal. To share Jesus. Inviting others to dwell, see and yearn for more of Him.

Whether you’re a Christian dancer, mover, intercessor or something else, pray this short prayer with me. Acknowledging that though we maybe in unique amazing individual. There is more for us ‘as we live, move, and have our being’ with others.

‘Father God as we move enable us to reveal more of you. As dancers and movers may we seek to equip, encourage and enrich each other’s journeys. May our whirlwinds converge into a mighty tornado.

To understand more about the whirlwind image, read this blog.

If you want to find out more about prayer dance and movement, this blog offers a great starting point. My book ‘Movement, Prayer and Scripture’ also offers a great framework to build confidence in responding to Scripture with movement.

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  1. Prinith

    Thanks for the encouragement to invite others to join us in our worship xx


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