‘For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.’

Romans 15:4

How to create habits as a young Christian

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What an excellent time we have had on Purbeck Venture 2022, it has been great watching you amazing campers step forward to give your lives to Jesus or recommit your lives. Don’t we have a great God! The transition from camp to home can be hard for you, so we thought we’d share a quick post about setting useful habits as a young Christian, as well as useful apps and YouTube channels for young people. Giving you ways you can keep your fire going once you are at home.

Sunrise at Purbeck venture where we share creating habits as a young Christian
Camp Dawn – Purbeck Venture 2022

Sometimes it can feel like you are in a bubble at camp and when you get home, camp blues set in – they’re a real thing honestly! Here are a few habits as a young Christian that can help you to keep going and establish a routine.

  1. Pick a favourite verse from camp, write it out and place it somewhere visible as a reminder of what you experienced and to keep a conversation going with God.
  2. Tell someone what you experienced, talk them about your highs and your lows, bring others into the adventure that you had.
  3. Connect with those that you made friends with. Maybe set a time that you can get together and check in with each other. This could be on an online call or in-person.
  4. Keep talking to God. Find one place in your day where you can say hello and what you are feeling.
  5. Find a church or youth group that can support you to help you to grow deeper. If you’re not sure how to do this chat with a leader and they can try and signpost you.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to do your walk with God like your friend. God made you unique your walk with God will be unique. Focus on what you can do and not what others are doing. Creating habits as a young Christian will be hard work. Don’t do everything all at once, pick on thing and create a habit with that.

Below you will find some other useful things that will help you create habits as a young Christian. It may take a while for you to settle on what works best. So don’t be afraid to try different ones until you are happy.

Useful Apps (available on IOS and Android)

  • Lectio 365 for families – This is an app that you can do alongside your family or on your own. Offering you a chance to do a daily devotional reading God’s word and explore prayer. Find out more and download here.
  • YouVersion Bible App – This is a fantastic resource to have in your phone. As it has the whole Bible at your fingers tips and you can download different versions. There is also the option to follow friends and do devotionals alongside friends too. There’s useful videos to watch and thoughts for the day. Find out more and download here.
  • Dwell App – Is great if you might be time poor, you can choose to listen to God’s word, explore key passages and hear meditative music over the top too. It has a free trial, but then a fee payable monthly. Find out more and download here.
  • Pause App – This app is based on the One Minute Pause section of the book ‘Get Your Life Back’ and ‘Resilient’ by John Eldredge. It invites you into a simple practice of releasing everything to God , restoring your union with God, and inviting him to fill you. You can find out more and download here.
  • Bible in One Year – Created by Nicky Gumbel. This app offers you a structure to read the Bible in a year, talking you through it step by step. Also available as a podcast, email, or book. Find out more and download here.
  • Glorify App – Learn ways to cultivate a daily worship habit with a daily passage, reflection and prayer. Find out more and download here.

Useful YouTube channels

  • The Bible Applied – The Bible Applied chooses a book of the Bible and just goes through it. Each video will take a bit at a time giving you time and space to learn at your own pace.
  • Soul Survivor – Talks, worship and teaching from Mike Pilavachi and the team. An excellent channel to follow.
  • 24-7 Prayer – Is an international Christian movement of prayer, mission and justice.
  • The Bible Project – Fantastic resource of videos that explain history and setting of chapters and provide excellent overviews of books to help give you a solid understanding of the Bible.
  • The Way – Great place to discover questions you’re struggling with, creating habits and talks to listen to.

As you start (or continue) this journey we will be praying for you. God loves a party in heaven, let him be your guide.

‘The Lord will FIGHT for you; You need only to be STILL’

Exodus 14.14

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Written by Anna Gilderson, Co-Chaplain on Purbeck Venture 2022. Anna also runs UC Grace which is Christian dance and movement company. You can read a bit more about that here.


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