Jesus for Kids



An essential manual to ignite your dance teaching journey, full of practical ways to teach, deliver and shape workshops alongside your Christian faith.

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Any orders placed up to and including 10th December will receive a PDF bundle of resources to use alongside the ready-to-workshops.

Jesus for Kids: Teaching Dance and Sharing Faith

Jesus for Kids is jam-packed with tools and resources to ignite you on your Christian Dance teaching journey. Anna shares how her passion for teaching children in dance ministry shaped her perspective connecting faith, dance and movement together as one.


Discover Anna’s amazing teaching strategies which will help you develop your own skills. Whether you have been teaching for a while, or are brand new, Jesus for Kids will help you deepen and strengthen your knowledge of Christian Dance with children.


Anna’s biggest desire is to equip you, with all you need to help shape your own teaching practice. Jesus for Kids provides you with ready-to-go workshops as one of the many ways to help kick-start your journey. Why not dive in and see where your journey can go?

Whose it for?

Jesus for Kids is suitable for anyone who has an interest in dance ministry and teaching children. It’s the perfect book to equip you with how you can serve both of those things to the best of your ability keeping Jesus right at the centre. Whether you’ve had lots of experience, you’re just stepping out or you’re curious and want to grow your general leadership skills. Jesus for Kids will provide you with all that you need to do that.

What do I get?

In Jesus for Kids you will find:

  • Strategies to develop your own teaching style.
  • Scripture relevant to children, dance and your journey.
  • Ready-to-go lesson plans and teaching and planning techniques.

Plus so many other useful bits of information that will help you feel more confident when you step out in front of children.

What does the book cover?

  • Anna's story
  • Scriptures that tell a story
  • Why dance, why faith, why children?
  • Things to remember, getting started, Winning workshop structure
  • Confidence leading children
  • Creative prayer and dancing
  • 5 ready-to-go workshops


Jesus for Kids is officially released!

Any orders placed up to and including 10th December will receive a PDF bundle of resources to use alongside the ready-to-workshops. External orders need to send proof of purchase.

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